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 Hypnotic      Niche

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"There are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies."
- William Shakespeare 


Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help you overcome a variety of limiting beliefs, patterns, and many other plaguing issues.

Karmic Destiny

This is my most popular session that combines karmic astrology, past life regression, and traditional hypnotherapy methods for immense insights and transformations.

Burning Questions

This sessions gives you the opportunity to vist the past life most impacting you today, and the opportunity to ask up to 20 burning questions about anything pertaining to your life. 

Astro Coaching

These sessions use the power of astrology, coaching, and hypnotherapy to help each client gain a better understanding of themselves, how they interact with others, the past life karma brought into this life, and empowering them to walk their North Node path.


Maggie Donovan, CHt, PLRt 

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My mission is to facilitate a personal discovery of each individual's spiritual journey. These personal revelations bring people closer to the higher power within themselves and it brings clarity to their unique life's purpose. I strive to combat the fear of death, by offering insight into the nature of each soul and its spiritual home. Through carefully crafted sessions, using karmic astrology, past life regression, and traditional hypnotherapy methods, I work meticulously to ensure that each of my clients leaves with a better understanding of themselves and their spiritual journey.

From the first time I met Maggie, I was immediately drawn to her loving, compassionate presence. I sensed that she sincerely wanted to help me as she skillfully and intuitively tuned in to me - really listening to my story, and making me feel that I was in a safe, sacred space. My sessions with her were deeply healing and I continued to reap their benefits for days to weeks afterward. In the future, as I feel the need to examine my shadow side, dig more deeply into past traumas, or thoroughly explore a past life, I will not hesitate to reach out to Maggie - I highly recommend her!


Barbara P. 

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