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Conversations with Aphrodite: A Journey Through Past Lives and Divine Wisdom Through The Channeling Of The Goddess Aphrodite

Goddess Aphrodite
Aphrodite by the sea

I am always in awe of the past lives my clients experience while in trance. The fluidity of the themes presented in the lifetimes shown, and how they seem to highlight and synchronize with their current prevailing struggles, is truly beautiful and insightful for both the client and myself. However, every now and again, a client comes along and completely takes the experience to a whole other level, embarking us both on a captivating odyssey through interdimensional planes, ghostly past life recollections, kidnapping, human sacrifice, and incredibly poignant insights through the channeling of the Goddess Energy of none other than Aphrodite. This journey reveals many deep and compelling insights into the nature of my client’s soul, while also providing you, the reader, with a better understanding of how complicated this thing we call life really is and offering profound wisdom into the interconnectedness of our spiritual existence. This is their story.

An Out-Of-This-World Encounter

We began our series of Zoom Spiritual Journey sessions like any other, with a baseline past life regression session where we set the intention to visit the three lifetimes most impacting the client today. To preface, as a certified clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist, I take care to diminish sensationalism and romanticism when it comes to past life regression therapy. Often, clients can get caught up in the grandiose speculation of who they once were, forgetting that the real reason for this type of exploration of the soul is for revealing insights and healing purposes. My client, however, was not caught up in the romance of potential past lives. Instead, they were truly seeking help with a variety of issues that had been plaguing them when nothing else seemed to work. Mainly, my client wanted to focus on their shadow side and to better understand why they are so deeply disturbed when hearing about young girls being raped and murdered. The client stated that it felt like a recurring old wound.

Once in trance, it was very evident that I was dealing with an advanced soul. Throughout the countless sessions I have conducted over the years, there have only been a small number of individuals who were this cognizant. The client’s natural ability to drop in and navigate is exceptional. So when we landed in the first lifetime of the session, it was no surprise that it was not a human one. The client described experiencing the vastness of space and not having a physical body. Instead, it was more of gold energy. The client experienced feelings of being in another dimension, another reality, that humans could not comprehend. Adding that they had the ability to project their desired reality when they chose to do so. The client then entered a library in this other realm, and through the help of what seemed to be a friendly alien being, began to dialogue directly with me. I cannot emphasize enough the unusualness of this type of encounter.

They were a warm and helpful presence who had a real investment in my client’s well-being. They began to explain details about the client’s true mission on Earth. They stated that the client is tasked with studying the human experience and consciousness and has been overseeing the development of Earth since the beginning of time. In fact, they helped to create it. They go on to explain that the client can create like a god but is not a god and that they hold infinite knowledge. With the vast information they collect throughout their Earthly lifetimes, their mission is to bring back the full human experience of emotions to this library and to look at the depth of human emotions. “The yin and the yang.” The alien being, with earnest and sincerity, asked if they could help guide us through the session for the client to see and experience everything related to shadow and the lifetimes related to how they store traumatic emotions in their entire body. I, of course, agreed (as I had not experienced anything like this before), they were grateful, eager even, and then off we went!

The Child Ghost in Ireland

Our journey commences with the unveiling of a past life from the cliffs of the emerald isle of Ireland. Once the client began recounting what they were experiencing, it was evident that they had seemed to return to the session. Their normal speech pattern and cadence had shifted away from the kind alien being who led us here. The client began with, “Oh, I come here a lot. I love this place.” Saying that it was like second nature to be there. They went on to describe their bare feet, the tall grass, their remarkably long braided blonde hair, and how it was so different from the rest of their dark-haired family. Adding that they felt like an eight-year-old girl. Then the client smiled and began to talk about their beloved white horse companion who was walking alongside them. They stated that their horse's hair, “was always dirty, but that’s okay.”, and then gleefully made sure I knew that their horse could jump over the wall and that they loved this horse very much. Later, we learn the name of her horse was Ezekiel, and that this was no ordinary horse. As the pair approaches a quaint cottage nestled by the fire, she encounters her mother, who is very sad. When I probed about why she was sad she revealed the chilling truth of her spectral existence – "because I am dead."

Overwhelmed by emotion, she longs to comfort her grieving mother and is bothered by the fact that she could not hug her. She then tries to get her attention in other ways. “I don’t want to spook her.” So she decided to stoke the fire and move an old doll of hers that had a permanent place next to the hearth. Attempting to bridge the divide between the living and the dead. Her mother sees this and smiles. The client is excited that she made contact. She then sends loving energy to her mother. When questioned about the nature of her demise it was revealed that she was kidnapped, killed at the hands of the Romans, sacrificed for her distinctive appearance and her mother's pagan beliefs. “She’s a witch.” She goes on to say that the experience was a very frightening one. Then abruptly, the alien being jumped in again. It was time to move to the next lifetime and I was advised that the next one was connected to this one…

The Goddess Energy Makes Her Presence Known

At this point in the session, there was a stark shift in the client’s disposition. When they spoke for the first time, you could feel the palpable and powerful energy building. This, despite the client and myself being on opposite ends of the continent. Then the incredible introduction was made. “I am the creator goddess known as Aphrodite (pronounced Aphro-dyt). I was much worshiped and I am all-powerful.” As you can imagine, I was completely stunned at what I was witnessing and then deeply humbled. The Goddess Energy went on to elaborate on the connection between the Irish lifetime and her presence within the client. She explained that during her time as a supreme deity in both Greece and Rome, that many small children were sacrificed to her on her altars. Stating earnestly that she did not like or approve of this practice and that she never asked for it. Saying that they were brutal times, and her solution for these barbaric acts was that she would sacrifice herself instead of having innocent children brutalized in her name. She revealed that she too was the client during the Ireland lifetime. That she would separate herself and incarnate as children, in my client’s case as the little ghost girl in Ireland, and that she did this to sacrifice herself so no other children would be harmed in her name. Aphrodite went on to explain that she would do this many times to save other children that were being sacrificed in her name. Explaining that it was “exhausting”.  The Deity then stated that my client (in their current incarnation) very much retains “the witch” and “the goddess”. That it runs very deep.

Sharing that the client has experienced many difficult lifetimes that include sacrifice, torture, being torn limb by limb, burned alive, and raped. Before it was time to move into the Interlife phase of the session, the Goddess Energy imparted very specific advice and remedies for my client to follow, which I will keep private for my client. However, her parting words regarding the nature of her relationship with the client were, “I am you–you are me”.

As we reached the Interlife phase and asked for her spirit team to join us, many spirit guides made themselves known. Most notably was her beloved white horse, Ezekiel, who stepped forward to give the client loving guidance and revealing insights into the client’s true nature and purpose here on the Earthly plane. Ezekiel was revealed to be deeply connected to the client, over many lifetimes, and acts as a spirit guide for the client in this incarnation.

As the session drew to a close, it was evident that what had transpired was nothing short of remarkable. My client had experienced a whole other level of soul events that were exceedingly rare to witness. As I counted them up out of hypnosis, you could feel the strong energetic connection that was holding the session together suddenly drop.  At that very moment, my computer crashed and could not be revived. I had to reconnect with my client on my phone for our post-session review. The client had an immense amount of information to process and many bits of advice to put into practice from this session before we could embark on the next session. Little did we know that this was just the very beginning of this incredible series of sessions with the Goddess Energy Aphrodite.

This is part one of three blog installments of “Conversations with Aphrodite”. Join us in the next chapter of our odyssey as we delve even deeper during my client’s Karmic Destiny (karmic astrology hypnotherapy) session where the Irish past life events that led to her tragic demise in the name of Aphrodite, the much-needed healing that had to occur, and what their third session, Life Between Lives, revealed about the nature of the Goddess Energy origin and eternal connection to my client.

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I loved this - so beautifully written and emotionally charged that I had tears near the end! Can’t wait to read the next installment…

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Thank you, Barb! 💖 It was an incredibly beautiful and powerful session. I'm looking forward to penning the next installment. The karmic astrology is pretty spot on. 💫

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