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Can Knowing Your Past Lives Change Your Perception of Death?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I grew up Catholic. I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten through 8th grade, had the strict Irish "old school" nuns and all. Yes, rulers were to be feared too. Despite the immersion of Catholic doctrine I received in my youth, it was not long before I began to question some of the teachings of the church. As I got older, I explored many different philosophies and faiths, until one fateful day I stumbled upon the concept of reincarnation.

This changed everything for me.

When I received my first past life regression, not only was I blown away by the lives that I was shown, and all of the details and emotions that arose, but it was the feeling after that resonated the most. I had experienced what it was like to die, exposed to the afterlife, and subsequently lost a great deal of fear surrounding my own mortality. Something that I struggled with under the thumb of the Catholic church.

The past life as a Roman soldier specifically drove this home for me. During my death scene, I was laying in a tent, suffering from a fatal wound received during a battle that was still raging outside. As a soldier in this lifetime, I had already made peace with the fact that I could very well die at any moment. Once death came, I saw a golden cloud of sorts open to the left of me. I saw faces of people I knew in that lifetime that had passed (and this one!) smiling at me and an overwhelming feeling of congratulations and love came from them.

The first thing that came to mind was that it is over and I am going home. What a sense of relief I had and was overcome with deep joy and bliss. Almost indescribable. From that day forward, my viewpoint on this life changed for the better. I felt more confident with taking leaps of faith to create the life I really wanted. My attitude and fear of death transformed immensely, and dissipated any residual concerns still lingering from my upbringing.

One of my many goals now is to give this to others who are seeking it. Past life regressions give one a chance to see how their soul or consciousness may be transferred from one body to another. It does help if you already believe that death has a spiritual factor to it, but even if you're just curious about what happens after we die, you might come away with a pretty reassuring answer.

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