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Client Review: Hypnotic Journey: An Exercise in Metaphysical Validation by Eala Brigid

I perceive myself to be a reasoned human with a sound mind. Thus, the onset of what I will term, broadly, “psychic experiences” bent my mind and bent my worldview. Ever since I discovered my own innate ability to send and receive messages from spirit, I’ve vacillated between euphoria (this is so magical! I wonder what will happen next?!) and apprehension (what the hell is going on?! am I losing my mind?! have I constructed all with my overactive imagination?!).

I meditate daily, and since I’ve learned how to use Oracle Cards to facilitate retrieval of psychic information, I regularly “read” myself on questions of spiritual import, as well as general life guidance. When I receive answers that are what I might deem “too good to be true,” I tend to invalidate them, or at the least, question their validity. Similarly, there are times when I do receive information about likely outcomes for decisions I make, and when the potentiality does not pan out (on my time table—I’ve certainly not been doing this long enough to expect outcomes to have had the chance to actualize, in most cases) I nearly discard entire readings, fabricating alternative narratives for myself, because in truth, I suppose, I’ve not yet chosen to fully trust my higher guidance (my higher self, spirit guides, angelic beings with whom I converse). I am still very guarded with spirit, and this defensive posture leads to lots of self-sabotage in the form of gaslighting my own intuition.

For this reason, I decided to hire Maggie Donovan for a hypnotherapy session. I wanted to ascertain whether all of these psychic experiences and the information I’ve been receiving so abundantly over the past several months was real, or whether I am actually headed down the path towards total mental breakdown. Maggie has termed the session we chose for my particular purposes Past Life Regression Tourism. During the session, Maggie guided me, with verbal cues and active visualization techniques, to a very deep state of relaxation, or trance, and while in this state, I visited memories from this lifetime, a past lifetime, and then we went to the afterlife, where I met with my guides and angels. For this type of session, Maggie asked me to write out 15 “burning questions” for my guides, understanding I may not receive answers to all of them. Sneaky me. I wrote 15 questions I’d already asked and received answers for, via meditation and channeling for myself over the past several months.

I don’t want to make this too cumbersome a read, so for now, rather than describe the experience of hypnosis (which I would love to discuss), I will focus on the outcome of the session on my life and spiritual practice (at least so far—this was only two days ago).

For starters, I am psychic. I have accessed the Akashic Records (seen past lives) on my own many times already. I also converse, telepathically, with my spirit guides and angels daily. With that said, the past lifetime I experienced during hypnosis was absolutely one that I’d already viewed during self-induced meditative trance. It was such a validating experience, and not only did it confirm what I already knew about this particular lifetime, but it enabled me to enter the memories as the person I was before. This is significant for me, because as of yet, when I see past lives, I generally see them as images or movies, with full knowledge of which part I played and who the other players are (when I recognize them from this lifetime), rather than as an active participant in the scenes. Additionally, the hypnosis held me in the memory longer, which enabled a greater depth of knowledge and more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of that personality, how it has shaped my soul, and the role it plays in my goals and mission (as a soul) for this lifetime.

Further, when we emerged from the life, after death, and I engaged in conversation with my guides, the experience was no different from the experience I already have during meditation when I am actively querying my team of spirit assistants regarding my soul path. Well, if there were a difference, it was simply that I could sustain focus on the interactions far better because of the deep state of trance Maggie facilitated for me. During this part of the session, Maggie asked the questions I wrote, aloud, for my guides to hear, and they laughed at me! They laughed at me, and for almost every single question, they responded with “you already know this!” I did obtain new information, however, as the deep trance and Maggie’s presence as interviewer and facilitator allowed me to spend more time infusing this extra sensory spiritual knowing, with more patience than I would on my own in meditation. The formality of the session enabled this for me.

In the two days since hypnosis, I’ve felt my guides with me constantly. I’ve been much less guarded about communicating with them throughout the course of my day, and I’ve seen more scenes from the lifetime we explored. I’ve also had moments of claircognizance—moments in which I’ve just known something or other, regarding the import of that lifetime on my soul journey, as well as what I can expect for this lifetime. I’ve also learned that I can expect some of those outcomes—you know, the ones I told myself were never coming (because it’s only been a few months and I’m nothing, if not impatient).

The best part is that now, I know my purpose for this lifetime. I know, without a doubt, where I am to invest my energy, and this has given me renewed fervor for this life, for my gifts, and for what is to come.

I recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to explore their soul’s journey, deepen their spiritual practice, and connect more to the spirit world around them. I understand not everyone has fully developed psychic abilities, but I also know that hypnosis would allow anyone the pleasure and catharsis of experiencing what well-developed psychics experience for themselves with regularity. Additionally, I highly recommend Maggie Donovan because of her professionalism, her compassion, her enthusiasm for the modality, as well as her objectivity as a facilitator.

In the end, I am gratified, I am motivated, I am enlightened, and I feel myself entering into a new stage of spiritual development, as I have seen that my guides are trustworthy, and trust is the most essential component of any collaborative effort. These lifetimes we lead here on earth, while we may think ourselves alone, are truly collaborative efforts between our souls and the souls we’ve cast to join and help us along the way!

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