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Karmic Astrology and Past Lives

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Past life astrology (or karmic astrology) can be a deeply fascinating look into one’s reincarnation journey. Who were you? What were your lessons? Where are you to go from here?

Past life astrology is related directly to (yes, you guessed it.) one’s karma accumulated from their past lives. If you are interested in learning about the karmic lessons you are meant to work through in this lifetime, it is especially useful to familiarize yourself with key elements of your astrological chart. Generally speaking, the past lives that are most affecting you today are the ones that will make an appearance in your chart.

Identifying your south node gives you a great deal of general insight into the types of past lives you may have led. It even says a lot about what roles you are most comfortable in today. While your north node gives you direction on what you should be moving towards in this life. For example, if you have an Aquarius south node and a Leo north node, you have lived many Aquarian lifetimes, where you would have worked towards what is for the greater good of all while downplaying your individual aspect. You could have been a part of a great revolutionary movement or were in service to others in some other facet. With Leo as your north node, you are meant to move more into the limelight in this lifetime and to accentuate your individuality.

There are other elements to consider when exploring your chart for past lives and karmic evidence. The house where your south node sits will show where your past life took place, however, it will help to combine the house and sign together as you get deeper into past life astrology. Aspects to your south node and the 12th house are also quite revealing. Also, where Saturn falls in your chart is important for lessons. Saturn indicates a lesson we had in a past life that we did not manage to learn completely. Therefore, we must continue to learn that same lesson in this life. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Where there is negative karma there is also positive karma. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, is one of the planets that indicate karmic gifts. The house that Jupiter sits in, will show you what you have earned through good deeds in past lives.

Lastly, looking at planets that are retrograde in your natal chart can be very telling. Many astrologers believe that any planet in retrograde generally means that certain circumstances in that past life were negative that the energy of the retrograde planet is suppressed.

While past life astrology is quite fascinating, and you can receive a lot of insight into your soul’s journey, it does not provide all of the details for you. One of the best ways to explore your past lives is to experience a past life regression with a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist. Working with a transpersonal hypnotherapist, you can take what you have learned through your astrological chart, and expand it much much more. Reliving the memories that are stored in your subconscious and then receiving the guidance needed to stay on your north node track.

If you are interested in learning more about your astrological chart and your south and north nodes, and are an excellent first step in learning more about your past lives.

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