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Karmic Destiny Case: "The Outcast Healer" SN Pisces 3rd House

Karmic Destiny Case File: “The Outcast Healer”

South Node Placement: Pisces in the 3rd House

North Node Placement: Virgo in the 9th House

“It takes just one mistake, though.”

This was a pretty remarkable session, and even though the client had little experience with hypnosis, they were very open to the experience and in the end, proved to be one of the most advanced souls I have worked with to date. This session is all about connecting to your South Nodal placement past life, connecting with others in the inter-life, and then receiving traditional hypnotherapy to set you fully on your North Node track.

Before any Karmic Destiny session, I do not discuss the client’s South Node placement so to avoid any sort of leading. I provide the astrological information in my post-session notes that I send to my clients, along with my thoughts on the session. Your South Node placement is the energy of your recent past lives. This is your comfort zone and what you have mastered in your previous lives. Your North Node is akin to your own North Star. This is the track you need to be working towards to achieve your goal set for this lifetime.

This client’s South Node placement is Pisces in the 3rd House. This placement suggests that they had a past life related to circumstances in which they found themselves as a martyr. Some gifts mastered under this influence are spiritual awareness and compassion. Their past life experiences living as an empath have made them highly sensitive and very cognizant of the needs of others. This also can imply that in the past you may have engaged in escapist tendencies, found yourself in situations where you were manipulated by authorities, or were victimized or identified as a victim. You are learning to overcome this complex. In past lives, you paid a lot of attention to what others thought about you. There is a strong desire to stay in one place (both physically and mentally). You were not one to move beyond your comfort zone. You were very interested in practical knowledge, a good communicator, and probably well connected in your town or neighborhood.

Much to my client’s chagrin, when they landed in their past life, they realized exactly where they were and seemed quite pleasantly surprised and in a bit of disbelief. They landed in Salem, Massachusetts during times that seemed like “The Crucible”. It was expressed that they were interested in this period and seemed a bit wary about trusting what was coming up for them. This is a completely normal reaction during one's first past life regression. This is our first time encountering either a flash of images, feelings, and or just knowledge related to a past life. We are in a critical stage during the regression. During this first scene, the client needs to allow it to “flow” and to trust their first impressions. They stated that this was a period that interests them and this is one of the things that can cause skeptics to “write it off”. One thing we must remember, is we are naturally drawn to certain periods and places in history for a reason. There is something much deeper going on when we are fascinated with a specific time in history. An unconscious knowing. My client did an excellent job of suspending their disbelief and allowed the story to unfold.

Unfold it did. They began by describing what they were wearing. A green dress, pointy “witch” boots, and a cloak. After a good amount of information was gleaned from the initial scene, and my client fully committed to the process we moved to the next significant event in that lifetime. In this next scene, the Pisces 3rd house South Node began to show itself. My client stated they felt panicked. They had been helping people, and they “messed up”, and from there a disturbing revelation revealed itself. “I was responsible for a young man’s death…like a boy. I was supposed to help…I don't know I just feel guilty. I don't know if I could have helped him but I thought I could.” At this point, the session took an emotional turn as many of these sessions can.

The client stated that they tried to help by using natural medicine. They stated that they saw themselves “smooshing” roots and seeds. Making concoctions. The boy, maybe 12 or 13, had something wrong with his lungs. The client stated that his name was Tommy or Thomas. He was an only child. The client stated, “that it just didn't work…I couldn’t fix it…and the whole town blamed me…I was just alone and shunned…”.

In one of the final scenes of that lifetime, my client stated that the new place they were meant to live was one big room and they may have had a few small animals such as goats in there. “No one asks for my help anymore…” After exploring this time for a while we moved on to the final scene of that lifetime and onward to the other components of this session.

After reflecting on the connection to their SN Pisces 3rd house, I felt the past life that emerged correlated very nicely to this placement. Life as the “outcast healer” in an early colonial village can be traced back to the Pisces' influence. My client certainly was a martyr in this lifetime, for being blamed and shunned by their community for the accidental death of a young boy. With the 3rd house's influence, this would have been devastating as it was important for them to feel a part of the community that they were once very connected with and I assume held a respected position. As a healer in the past life, with this Pisces energy, they were very connected to nature and animals. This client was (and still is of course) a natural-born healer, that found themselves in a very unfortunate situation. They were vilified and victimized by the community they once served and were respected.

The lifetime my client visited was clearly related to their SN placement and after we did some healing work, I set in motion the suggestions to allow my client to fully assimilate to their NN track of Virgo in the 9th house. A path that my client had stated that they were just beginning to embrace. This was truly a remarkable session and I am grateful to have been a small part of their spiritual journey.

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