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My Hungarian Past Life Regression Therapy Story

As a hypnotherapist, who specializes in the spiritual benefits of hypnotherapy, I have done my fair share of past life regressions. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, if you go into a past life regression session with an open mind, you will more than likely have an experience. Most of the lives I have encountered were as a female which took place in a variety of times and places. From working in the court of Henry VIII to being a very poor woman in 1800s Calcutta, I have run the gamut of lifetimes. Through these sessions, I have also gained access to higher wisdom. This gave me a greater perspective on the lessons that I am meant to learn from any particular lifetime and I have been given advice on where to go from there. These were all incredibly inspiring and fun experiences, and I highly recommend one tries it at least once.

Past Life Regression Therapy, however, is much more than visiting past lives. Past Life Regression Therapy is a modality that can help to heal unexplained phobias, uncover the cause of current life issues, discover the karmic nature of certain relationships, and receive guidance and healing on the root cause of any plaguing life issue.

My first Past Life Regression Therapy session occurred when I was in hypnotherapy school, and boy was it a doozy! So here it goes…

During that time, it had been brought to my attention that others had been openly judging and speaking negatively about the nature of my romantic partnership. Despite he and I being together for twenty years, we have chosen not to formally marry or have children. It did get me thinking...

Why is this not my top priority?

Why have I backed out of marriage with two different people?

Why do I get a sense of panic at the mere thought of walking down the aisle?

Going into the session, these questions were fresh on my mind and they ended up being the central focus of my session without me even intending to go in that direction. I wanted to do something “light” while my subconscious had other plans. I landed in a lifetime that I had experienced before. It was in Hungary, maybe the 1700s, and I was the only daughter of a noble couple. My father was someone high up in the government but was a very unhappy man. My mother was also unhappy and quite cold. We lived in a castle on a cliff near a large body of water. It was not a pretty one though. It was dark, dank, wet, and cold. Unpleasant living conditions. I felt like a lonely young lady whose only joy in life was her decadent gowns. They were so beautiful to me and I would just stare and marvel at the details of each stitch. It felt like the only light I had in that life, as I was not close to my parents at all, and there was no one else for me to befriend. I wanted my parent’s approval but had no real relationship with them above formality. As the story unfolded, I was informed by my father that I was going to have to marry. I was not asked. I was told. I kept saying, “ this is a business transaction. This is business.” On some level, it felt like a betrayal. I had no idea who I was going to marry, but I did know that I had no choice at all in the matter. It was my “duty” as this man’s daughter. The wedding day was wrought with anxiety, but I spent a lot of time staring at my embroidered veil and lovely gown. Like I was trying to ignore or block out that I was indeed going to have to marry a stranger my father made a deal with. I get to the altar, and all I see is this man’s big bushy red beard with tufts of white hair. I felt sick and knew that th

ere was no way I could move forward with this marriage. I kept thinking that I have no one to turn to. No one to share how I am feeling and I definitely had nowhere to go. Panic set in and was all-consuming. I felt so trapped and saw no way out other than death. That night, in my long white nightgown, I went to the edge of the cliffs outside of the castle. I looked down and thought, “well at least I will fall directly into the water below.” When I finally jumped, I hit many jagged rocks on the way down and landed on the ground instead of the water. This was my death scene. During the session, at this point, I am having an emotional episode. My classmate expertly guided me into the realm of higher wisdom, and this is where the real work began.

After making peace with committing suicide in that lifetime, I gained incredible insight into the questions that had been bothering me since I had heard about the judgment by family members. Essentially, I

was desperate for my parent’s approval in this Hungarian life but I had no idea who I was or what I wanted for myself. I was young and had lived a very sheltered life. The message I received was that I was not going to allow someone else to dictate how I was going to live my life again. I value my freedom more than anything and refuse to live on someone else’s terms.

It was an emotionally powerful and draining session, but I gained tremendous insight into my soul’s journey towards growth and the need for freedom. I now understand the origin of the fear I had of walking down the aisle and losing any sense of power. On a soul level, I equated marriage with losing my autonomy. I feared it so much that I chose death over conceding. This was not the first lifetime that this theme of trading freedom with abiding by the social convention of marriage. It made me realize that I truly do value my independence above most things, and was given the message to do whatever I choose to do because this freedom has been hard-fought. No matter what someone else thinks about my personal decisions, I have to live my life that best suits my wants and needs. And not of those around me. It was an incredibly powerful and cathartic experience. I am now at peace with it.

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