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The Secrets of Chiron, Past Lives, and Our Healing

Chiron in astrology is known as the “wounded healer”. Named after the Greek centaur god, this non-planet weaves its elliptical orbit between Saturn and Uranus. In past life astrology, along with the nodes, 12th house, and karmic planets of Saturn and Pluto, Chiron’s placement in one’s birth chart is very telling when it comes to the wounds experienced early in life and the type of lives we may have led previously. Where Chiron is placed in your astrological chart, tells of our deepest vulnerabilities, our weak points, and stokes the flames of low self-esteem in the given area.

“Chiron's placement in your chart is where you can get to know and understand what your deeper wounds are, as well as the karmic, past-life energy you're here to work through to grow and evolve." —astrologer Natalia Benson

For example, if you have a Chiron placement in your 3rd house, you may have suffered from not being able to speak your truth, were judged harshly or were criticized when you did speak up. Or Chiron in the 3rd house can also refer to a wound with siblings. There may be past life trauma or wounds with these specific siblings. "In a past life, this person may have been hurt for expressing their views," says Benson. To find healing, she adds, know that communication is important to your soul's evolution and practices it whenever possible.”

The more in-depth you investigate your Chiron placement the more revealing and specific you can get to discover the issues that you may have experienced in many past lives. If you include knowledge of the house it sits in, the sign, and aspects of other planets in your chart, this will give you deep insight into your wound and how to turn it into a strength to help others.

Past life regression, relating to your Chiron, can give you a specific understanding of the nature of the wounds you carried into your current incarnation. By experiencing the past lives most impacting you today, you can work to better understand the influence Chiron is playing in your life, and access the gifts it wants to bestow upon you. The wounds, events, and past interactions do not go away. However, once we obtain an understanding of where our sensitivities lie, we can transcend them and use what we know to help others do the same.

If you are interested in exploring past lives that are directly related to your Chiron placement, please feel free to contact me for more details.


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