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Karmic Destiny Case File: "The Activist" Aquarius South Node 9th House

South Node: Aquarius 9th House

North Node: Leo 3rd House

“My dedication to not be quiet makes people mad.”

This in-person session is an all-time favorite of mine. The client came to me with no experience with hypnosis at all, but with some astrology knowledge. They were young, and I was not sure if they would be able to have a fully immersive experience with this session, but I was completely wrong. This session proved to be one of the most clear-cut examples of how through past life regression, we can reach the past life most associated with their astrological south nodal placement.

This session is all about connecting to your south nodal placement past life, connecting with others in the inter-life, and then receiving traditional hypnotherapy to set you fully on your north node track. Before any Karmic Destiny session, I do not discuss the client’s south node placement so to avoid any sort of leading. I provide the astrological information in my post-session notes that I send to my clients, along with my thoughts on the session. Your south node placement is the energy of your recent past lives. This is your comfort zone and what you have mastered in your previous lives. Your north node is akin to your own North Star. This is the track you need to be working towards to achieve your goal set for this lifetime.

The client's south node placement of Aquarius suggests that they lived many lives working towards the betterment of humanity while downplaying the needs of the self. Humanitarian ideals will always be at the core of this person’s efforts. The 9th house placement suggests many lifetimes spent seeking higher knowledge and wisdom. It is the house of philosophy, rules, laws, justice, faith, and education. This is the house that encourages us to think big and bold and to consider the future in the broadest terms. Individuals with a south node Aquarius 9th house placement means that could have been a revolutionary, an outsider, or a rebellious free-thinking soul, who sought to gain a deeper understanding of areas of life that were most important to them.

The moment my client stepped into the first scene of their past life, they immediately started to reveal this Aquarius south node. In the first scene, they stated that you were standing in the street with angry people around, and had felt an injustice had been done. They sensed a collective anger within the crowd. However, they mentioned that they felt calm inside. They quickly realized that someone had been hurt for being “queer” and “a person of color”. Stated that it was a senseless crime, a murder, and felt disgusted. They said that people without their eyes open do not care. That the anger was rooted in confusion, and that they felt the pain so strongly. They went on to identify themselves as a male, between the ages of 24-25, and that they were in America but not fully in the south and not fully in the north. In a grey state. It was the 1960’s and this life was connected to being a part of a newspaper and this was heavily associated with their identity. They went on to say that this particular event they witnessed “hit home” in a different way. It opened their eyes.

Moving forward in this life, they found themselves in an argument with someone they were in a relationship with. It was over them giving out so much of their energy to their work. They stated that they were fulfilled by what they did, which was something in the realm of advocacy in the creative field, and they were involved in pop-up protests. They did not have children and felt they were no longer a personal priority. The client felt a pull between being authentic to themselves and losing comfort.

In the next scene, the client stated that it was scary. There were a lot of fires, people screaming, and something had gone wrong. They stated there were ambulances, reporters, and broken glass everywhere. They stated that they felt confused and disoriented. They stated that an act of violence had occurred and thought that a bomb had gone off. The year was 1972.

Moving onto the death scene of this lifetime, the client immediately stated that it was hard to breathe and that they were “banged up”. They stated that they felt tightness around their throat like they were in a chokehold. There was also some pain associated with their ribs, although they said that it didn’t hurt as much as they thought nor were they panicked as much as they thought they would be. They revealed that they were in their early 40s at this point and there were a couple of people doing this to them. They made one last observation it was wet outside and you could smell the rain. When asked what their final thoughts were they stated, “it was worth it.” they had made people angry for challenging their ideas and comfort, and people do not like to be confronted. Their final statement of this lifetime was, “My dedication to not be quiet makes people mad.”.

After reflecting on the past life that emerged, its connection to my client’s SN Aquarius in the 9th house is pretty clear. My client’s past life as someone who was deeply moved by the injustices of their time propelled them on a path of activism for equality. Finding themselves dedicating their life to fighting for a just cause through journalism, advocacy, and protests. Sacrificing a traditional lifestyle to fight for it and eventually even losing their life for it. This lifetime, in my opinion, was about as Aquarian as you can get, and I am very grateful to have been a small part of my client’s spiritual journey.

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