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Part Two Of Conversations With Aphrodite: The Past Life Regression Therapy/Karmic Astrology Session

Aphrodite Sitting By The Sea
Conversations With Aphrodite

North Node: Taurus 3rd House

South Node: Scorpio 9th House

South Node Scorpio and North Node Taurus
Client's Natal Chart

Bracing For An Inherently Difficult Journey

In my last blog post, we explored a session with a client who originally booked a Spiritual Journey package to work on their shadow side and to better understand why they are so deeply disturbed when they hear about young girls being raped and murdered. The client stated that it felt like a recurring old wound. What happened during the first session, which was a baseline past life regression exploring three lifetimes, was not only remarkable but rare. We were both whisked away on a saga of interdimensional planes, alien life forms, ghostly past life recollections, kidnapping, human sacrifice, and deeply moving insights through the surprise channeling of the Goddess Energy of none other than Aphrodite. 

Through the channeling, Aphrodite revealed the nature of the recurring wound linking the Goddess and the lifetime my client experienced as a young child in Ireland. Aphrodite explained that during her time as a supreme deity in both Greece and Rome, that many small children were sacrificed to her on her altars, stating earnestly that she did not like or approve of this practice and that she never asked for it. She acknowledged they were brutal times, and her solution for these barbaric acts was that she would sacrifice herself instead of having innocent children brutalized in her name. She revealed that she too was the client during the Ireland lifetime, going on to explain that she would separate herself and incarnate as children. She separates herself and incarnates as children. In my client’s case, as the 8 year old girl in Ireland, and that she did this to sacrifice herself so no other children would be harmed in her name. 

It was clear that we had our work cut out for us, as the trauma associated with the Ireland lifetime in particular was deep and intense. In preparation for the next session, I scoured and analyzed the client’s birth chart for past life indicators. My Karmic Destiny session generally focuses on the nodes, but in my karmic astrology report I include all of the past life aspects and placements I can glean in the client’s chart. The South Node placement in one’s chart is the past life energy you are coming into this lifetime with. What you have mastered and are very comfortable with, while the North Node placement is the energy that you are meant to evolve towards in this lifetime. Which is uncomfortable energy for the vast majority of us. 

My client’s chart revealed that they have their South Node in Scorpio in the 9th house. In my experience, Scorpio in this placement is generally quite difficult regarding the past life experience associated with it. This Pluto-ruled sign is all about extreme transformation with breaking down and building back up. It can represent sudden, dramatic changes that can feel destructive, such as illness, setbacks, betrayal, death, torture, or disease. My clients in the past, who have regressed to South Node Scorpio lifetimes, experienced tremendously difficult hardships. Based on this knowledge, I braced myself for what was to come for the Karmic Destiny session. 

Aphrodite’s Ominous Forewarning 

Emerging from the past life doorway, the client found themselves, once again, amidst tall grass in Ireland, as an 8 year girl with striking blonde hair. The Goddess Energy stepped in almost immediately and explained to me that the client has been living on multiple timelines and that they (the client) is both the Goddess Energy and this child. She went on to reiterate that she would become these children to sacrifice herself instead of other children suffering the brutality. The Goddess Energy stated that the client lives on multiple timelines for this purpose. Aphrodite explained that during this session, the client will have difficulty communicating well since she is an 8-year-old child in this particular lifetime. Aphrodite went on to say that she would step outside of her to let her experience the scene. It was heavily implied that this was going to be extremely difficult due to the nature of her death. 

I asked if the client needed to experience everything in order to release what was needed and the Goddess Energy stated that she needed to feel some of it, and let me know that she would be on standby outside to shield and reassure the client throughout this heavy ordeal. When Aphrodite stepped aside, the client resumed experiencing the lifetime as the Irish girl as if the conversation with Aphrodite had not happened. The client’s voice, cadence, and mannerism changed completely from that of the Goddess. Beginning to move through the scenes of this lifetime, I was feeling a bit uneasy about what was to come. 

Delving Into The Scorpio South Node Lifetime

Through minimal guidance, the client began to vividly describe standing on the cliffs overlooking the sea, describing a ship on the horizon—a merchant vessel bound for a nearby island. The past life personality revealed that it was her father's ship, and that she would often accompany him on his short business voyages. The client went on to describe the scene in great detail, but also acknowledged how they, as the past life child, were feeling reluctant about tagging along on this particular trip, leaving her mother behind. With her father’s reassurance that her mother would be fine, she boarded the large merchant vessel. Surrounded by vaguely familiar faces of her father’s crew, she could not shake the foreboding feeling inside, but continued to have faith in her father’s well-meaning words. She could have never imagined the horror that was in store, or that she would never see her mother or her homeland again as a living soul. 

Her journey led to a bustling port, foreign tongues mingling in a cacophony of trade and commerce. Yet amidst the chaos, she felt isolated,  and self conscious of her pale skin and ice blonde hair that seemed to make her a focal point wherever she went. Stating that she did not look like anyone else there and that people looked at her as if almost fearful of her. A pale specter amidst a sea of unfamiliar faces. This unsettling feeling gnawed at her  and she was not feeling safe. The client stated that she was going to a place near the ship past the docks where there were buildings on stilts. She sought solace in nature, away from the bustling scene where she seemed to garner a lot of attention. Along the way, she placed her hand on a tree. Feeling a heartbeat as if it were alive. 

It was here that the client stated that the Goddess Energy was with them now and reassured them that it was going to be okay. The client went on to say that it was now nighttime and she was not sure where her father was and stated that she needed to get back to the ship. Suddenly,  hearing lots of yelling, commotion, and seeing a fire she became quite alarmed. Scared and alone, the client emotionally described the scene they were witnessing. The village was being raided, and as a child alone she did not know what to do. Her father’s ship was on fire and she believed her father was in fact dead at this point. The client went on to describe the foul smells of the burning island and that she was terrified.  She dashed into the woods, looking for a place to hide. She found shelter in a primitive hut. Feeling very cold, the client stated that she is trying to figure out how she can get home. Going on to explain that she can not blend in because of her blonde hair and does not know if she is safe. Suddenly, and without warning two men appear, looking dirty and almost animal-like. The fear began to consume her when Aphrodite abruptly stepped in. 

The Goddess Energy took over the client in order to shield them from experiencing any unnecessary trauma surrounding the events leading up to the girl child’s demise and her subsequent death. I was informed that the 8 year old, pale ice blonde haired girl, had been raped in the hut by the two degenerates, kidnapped, and taken on another ship. They eventually arrive in a foreign and distant land. The sad little girl's body was brought to a temple dedicated to Aphrodite to be sacrificed. Before her inevitable and traumatic passing, the child was tied up, raped, and burnt alive on her temple floor. 

Death, Releasement, And The Afterlife

In the aftermath, the client states that they were looking at the child’s body as their spirit rose above the scene. Describing the fire all around and the people who were present at the time of her death. Feeling all of the feelings all at once. Stating that it feels bigger than they can comprehend. Their feelings ranged from freedom, a bit scared, beautiful, surreal to exhaustingly good. The client stated that it had been so long and that their soul needs to rest for a long time and is afraid of what is coming next. The client stated that living in a duality with the violence was hard, scary, sad, and lonely. We then worked together to release the heavy karmic baggage associated with this tragic lifetime. The client eventually reached acceptance as to why this all happened and why this needed to happen. The client stated that they felt better. Like a vacuum was around them aiding in the continual releasement.

As the client moved into the Interlife, a familiar loyal soul showed up to greet them. Ezekiel, her beloved white horse from the lifetime we just experienced and many countless other spirits warmly welcomed them. We dialogued together about the horrendous experience and the release work we had just completed. The remaining information I will keep private for my client. However, as the session came to a close the client stated that they felt an outline of white light around them and that there was a glow emanating from their heart space. 

North Node in Taurus 3rd House

After bringing the client out of trance, we briefly reviewed the client’s karmic astrology report. Karmic astrology is the practice of utilizing one’s natal chart to glean clues about potential past lives. Their South Node in Scorpio 9th house placement was undeniably connected to the lifetime they experienced as the young Irish child. As I have stated before, Scorpio South Nodes are notoriously difficult placements. The Pluto-ruled sign is wrought with extreme life circumstances that cause the soul to experience tremendous hardship and upheaval. Scorpio is also linked with Mars. Mars, which is the warrior sign associated with survival, courage, and violence. The 9th house placement, in my opinion, was pretty clear cut. The 9th house represents many things such as higher education, religion, learning, travel, intuition, foreign lands and shores. In this instance, it seems that the influence of the 9th house manifested through the abduction to a distant land and the exploration of religious themes, all tied to a supreme Goddess of the age, within an unfamiliar territory.

Their North Node placement in Taurus in the 3rd house is where the client is meant to evolve towards in this lifetime. The fact that Taurus is ruled by Venus, I felt was a wink from the Goddess Energy herself. You can’t make this stuff up, and looking at the client’s natal chart it could not have been more purposeful and clear cut. The client is meant to embrace all that Venus has to offer while connecting more with the earthly realm. Venus is linked to love, romance, money, beauty, and harmony, and connection to the physical world and all of the Earthly pleasures. As you may have already surmised, Venus is also the Roman name for the Goddess Aphrodite. The client is tasked with embracing these energies in this lifetime and to work on grounding themselves in all of the trappings of this steadfast earth sign. All the while doing this within the confines of 3rd house matters is imperative to their soul’s evolution in this lifetime. The 3rd house is associated with communication, siblings, early education, neighbors and local community. 

A beautiful and lighter lifetime is meant for my client this go round. As it not only gives them the opportunity to work on releasing the oppressive Scorpio SN baggage with more ease, but it gives them the chance to embrace the lavish entitlements and gifts of Venus. Something the Goddess Energy will undoubtedly and lovingly participate in facilitating throughout the rest of their days. 

Up Next: The Final Session Exploring Their Life Between Lives

In the next and final installment, we will be going beyond the Goddess, and into my client’s life between lives. Gaining more clarity into their soul’s true nature and existence beyond this realm. Conversing with the Soul Council to reveal even deeper truths regarding the nature of my client’s wise and powerful soul.

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